Biopsy of bone, lung and parenchymal organ lesions under CT control

Biopsies of suspicious lesions are performed under CT control, under local anesthesia with the patient lying on his back or stomach depending on the location of the biopsy.

Bone biopsies are performed with a low risk of complications, and the patient is discharged home after a short observation of 2 hours with a recommendation to rest for 24 hours.

Liver, kidney and lung biopsies, due to the risk of minor bleeding or pneumothorax, require observation for 5 hours, after which they can be discharged to rest at home.

Complications are rare and do not require intervention in 95% of cases.

Pneumothorax after lung biopsy is usually limited and does not require the placement of a drain or aspiration, which can be done immediately and at the end of the biopsy if it is observed.

Biopsies represent a significant advance in modern medicine which avoids other more invasive diagnostics, but unfortunately it is not available to most patients and they often still end up with open biopsy or resection procedures.

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