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ETF mission

ETF (European Trainee Forum) is a platform launched by CIRSE in 2015 as the basis for all activities of the society related to young interventional radiologists, clinical radiology specialists and medical students interested in interventional radiology.

The primary purpose of the ETF is to promote the participation of young doctors in international scientific and educational activities within CIRSE in order to one day become future interventional radiologists and to help them in their further career.

To this end, ETF participates in the organization of a series of activities and events at all congresses under the auspices of CIRSE, as well as throughout the year through social networks and educational content related to various aspects of interventional radiology.

ETF representatives

The ETF Subcommittee called ETFS (The European Trainee Forum Subcommittee) is the governing body of the ETF, which currently consists of representatives from 29 different European countries.

Each country is represented by two members, a representative and a co-representative, where the current representative for Croatia is Antonio Bulum from Clinical Hospital Dubrava,and the co-representative is Elvira Krešić from the Zagreb Clinical Hospital Center.

Several different working groups operate within the ETF itself, with Croatian representatives being members of the working group for the promotion of interventional radiology and medical students. Special emphasis is placed on the Be inspIRed program through which students from different countries participate in the annual CIRSE congress.

One of the group's main projects is the student exchange project, through which students in later years of medical studies have the opportunity to spend time in interventional radiology departments in more than 35 centers across Europe.

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