About us

The interventional radiology section of the Croatian Society of Radiologists was founded in 2000 with the aim of systematically improving interventional radiology as a profession.

Our goals and activities


Systematic improvement of interventional radiology and its strengthening within overall clinical medicine in the Republic of Croatia


Development in education and knowledge with systematic planned training programs at all levels, from undergraduate, graduate, specialist and lifelong learning


Encouraging interdisciplinarity and cooperation with other related professions, primarily with experts in the field of vascular surgery


Encouraging the development of regional centers of excellence that will achieve harmonization of practice aligned with European guidelines and good clinical practice in interventional radiology


Ensuring the availability of interventional radiology services to all citizens of the Republic of Croatia in an equal way


Mutual harmonization of institutions and work organization through better communication, regular meetings and exchange of experiences


Strengthening cardiovascular and neurointerventional radiology and harmonizing the work program with the work of the segment that falls under interventional radiology


Focus on knowledge and competences as a key component for the further development of interventional radiology in the Republic of Croatia


The organization of systematic educations while ensuring the availability of information databases in cooperation with institutions in the field of higher education sciences, which partly already have such databases secured


Involvement in the wider professional community and encouragement of scientific research and teaching work and learning

The section operates according to the rules of the Statute of the Croatian Medical Association and the Rules of the Croatian Society of Radiologists


Osnivanje Sekcije pokrenuo je Inicijativni odbor (K. Glavina – Osijek, A. Hebrang – Zagreb, J. Mašković – Split i S. Šimunić – Zagreb/Osijek). Nakon dobivenih su­glasnosti Hrvatskog liječničkog zbora i Hrvatskog društva radiologa Inicijativni odbor sazvao je Osnivačku skup­štinu koja je održana u petak 10. studenoga 2000. godine u 18,00 sati u Maloj dvorani Hrvatskog liječničkog doma u Šubićevoj ulici 9 u Zagrebu.

Nazočili su radiolozi: N. Bešenski, B. Budiselić, B. Borković, L. Cambj-Sapunar, Z. Čačić, S. Dobrota, M. Frković, K. Glavina, A. Hebrang, Z. Herceg-lvanovi, D. Januš, D. Kapetanović, J. Mašković, G. Opsenica, B. Radanović, O. Rubin, S. Schmidt, I. Sjekavica, D. Srdoč, M. Šeronja-Kuhar, S. Šimunić, V. Tonković i V. Vidjak.


The Croatian Society of Radiologists awarded Appreciations for long-term successful mutual cooperation with the Hungarian Radiological Society, and to individuals: G. Vadon, Gy Vargha, J. Kenez, B. Fornet and L. Horvath.

N. Bešenski received a Certificate – Honorary Member of the Hungarian Society of Neuroradiology

Declared honorary members of the Societatio Radiologorum Hungarorum are N. Bešenski, I. Lovasić, K. Glavina and S. Šimunić.


Several meetings were held only with topics from interventional radiology:
  • Round table on interventional radiology, Zagreb 1980 - lead by S. Šimunić
  • Symposium on interventional radiology, Zagreb 1981 - lead by S. Šimunić
  • Symposium on PTA of coronary, renal and peripheral arteries, Zagreb 1983, chaired by S. Šimunić and M. Šesto
  • Symposium interventional radiology: percutaneous drainage of organs and organ systems, Zagreb 1985 - lead by S. Šimunić and I. Obrez (Ljubljana)
  • Symposium on interventional radiology, Split 1986 - lead by J. Mašković, S. Boschi and I. Stanić

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Croatian Medical Association

Šubićeva street 9,
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E-mail: info[at]sircro.eu